Unicat MD57: Huge 4×4 overland motorhome based on MAN

With your own camper to the most remote points on earth – a dream for many who can’t handle crowded campsites and would rather enjoy nature on their own (without having to forego a certain level of luxury). Assuming you have the necessary change, if you want an extreme camper with which these goals can be achieved, there is no way around the German manufacturer Unicat. New to the range is the company based in Dettenheim near Karlsruhe, the Unicat MD57, which is based on the all-wheel drive MAN TGM 18.340 4×4 with a 4.50 meter wheelbase and a 6.9 liter six-cylinder as the drive unit. The 340 hp and 1,250 Nm unit is coupled to a twelve-speed Tip-Matic transmission. Longitudinal and differential locks on both axles as well as a transfer case with off-road reduction ensure maximum off-road mobility.

Truck driving license is a must: The MD57 weighs up to 13.9 tons

The Unicat MD57 is 8.90 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3.80 meters high. Including a full fuel tank with 600 liters of diesel and filled fresh water tanks, the Unicat weighs a healthy 12.3 tons. The permissible total weight is 13.9 tons. This means that 1.6 tons of food, clothes, etc. can be loaded. The residential structure itself is 5.70 meters long, 2.48 meters wide and 2.11 meters high.

For the interior, this means that passengers can make themselves comfortable in an area measuring 5.6 x 2.4 x 1.95 meters. The chic teak ship’s floor also contributes to the coziness. The furniture made of blockboard with surfaces made of teak veneer rounds off the overall picture.

The 1.40 x 2.00 meter double bed is arranged transversely in the rear. It is equipped with suspension, ventilation, heating and a comfort mattress. The U-shaped seating area with Alcantara upholstery in front of it is separated by raised partitions at the sides, and overhead cupboards on the sides offer plenty of storage space.

Oven, microwave, etc. – everything on board

The seating group arranged on a platform with a swiveling and rotating table offers space for several people. Thanks to the electrically lowerable table, an additional sleeping area can be created here if necessary. The kitchen is located lengthwise in the middle of the vehicle on the driver’s side. It offers an induction hob and an oven with microwave as well as a fridge/freezer combination.
The sanitary room is adjacent to the driver’s cab. The toilet and tiled shower are separate and can be separated from the interior with a glass door that can be swiveled 90 degrees. The shower room can also be used as a drying room with its own radiator. To the right of the entrance door into the living structure there is a washing machine with an integrated dryer.

All water installations are housed frost-proof in the heated interior. A 60 liter hot water heat exchanger with an electric auxiliary heater, which also feeds the outdoor shower, provides warm water. A 1620 watt solar system supplies the batteries (capacity 630 Ah). On top of that, an additional alternator with 120 A charging capacity charges the body batteries. On sunless days, a gasoline-powered mobile generator provides power. The diesel-powered hot water central heating is equipped with height adjustment. The air conditioning is on the roof. A number of vehicle functions can be monitored remotely.

What remains is the question of the price of this sensational “camper”…. But the manufacturer is silent here. Unicat only provides concrete figures if the request is “serious”. However, several hundred thousand euros must definitely be expected.