Oskar the explorer: Vanlife in a 1986 Mercedes 407D

Just break out. Just leave normal life behind and set off to discover the world – or at least explore Europe first. That’s what Laura and André decided to do, and as a first step they bought a 1986 Mercedes 407D and expanded it without any great craftsmanship. The result at least looks pretty cool – but definitely vanilla (even if that term perhaps doesn’t even exist).
The couple worked on Oskar for nine months alongside their full-time jobs – this is the name they gave the former DRK van, which had just 43,000 km on it when Laura and André bought it. Afterwards, the apartment and jobs were terminated, the tents in Berlin were demolished and off we went. Oskar will now be the travelers‘ new home for a year. It starts in Scandinavia, followed by the Baltic states and then we head south – where exactly is not yet clear.

We are excited to see what else Oskar, Laura and André will see and experience and of course we will continue to follow them on YouTube and Instagram. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet at some nice place somewhere in Europe – or wherever she ends up.
And if you have any questions for Laura and André, just ask them here in the comments. We will then forward them and you will receive a message when they have replied!